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Yeon Mu Hwa is the 2nd Council Elder of the Demonic Cult (Formerly 10th) as well as the only female elder aside from Hang Soyu. Later, she was acknowledged as the true successor of the Sword Demon lineage.


A woman looking to be in her 50s and wearing white clothes. She stood tall and proud, with thick eyebrows and wrinkles over her forehead that showed that she was not an ordinary woman.

After undergoing Body Reconstruction, she returned to looking like a middle-aged woman who looked sophisticated and noble. Her skin had found its youth again, and she now looked like woman in her mid-20s. Her sharp eyes and thick eyebrow now made her look cold and intelligent but beautiful as a woman.


She is a descendant of Yeon Hong Su, one of the apprentices of Sword Demon who stayed true to the beliefs of staying loyal rather than pursuing power. After the destruction of the Dark Clan and Sword Clan, her clan would later be recognized as the true successor of the Sword Demon's Demon Sword Clan.


Yeon Mu Hwa lived in seclusion, perfecting the True Demon Sword that she learnt from Anonymous. She despised the Dark Clan and the Sword Clan due to the history of for pursuing power instead of loyalty, and struggled to achieve the goal of her family- to be acknowledged as the true successor of the Sword Demon.

Yeon Mu Hwa was approached by the new 12th Elder, Cheon Yeo Woon, who sought her support to be acknowledged as the Vice-Lord of the Demonic Cult. She was initially hostile towards Cheon Yeo Woon, but was shocked to learn that Cheon Yeo Woon was proficient in the True Demon Sword. Cheon Yeo Woon pacifies Yin Moha and explains that the forces of Dark Clan that remained in the cult as well as the Poison Clan have been destroyed. She was promised that in exchange for her support, she will receive the martial arts of Sword Demon as well as acknowledgement of her clan being the successor of the Sword Demon's Demon Sword Clan. Sha later underwent Body Reconstructionreturning to her youth appearance after witnessing Cheon Yeo Woon's Twenty Four Demon Sword Art. She agrees to support Cheon Yeo Woon and proceeded to be his bodyguard. After Cheon Yeo Woon became the new lord, she became the second Council Elder.