Nano Mashine Wiki


Is the latest and only 7th Generation Nano Machine that was successfully made and was injected to Cheon Yeo Woon by a descendant from the distant future during the start of the story.


The Nano Machine injected to Cheon Yeo Woon is comprised of specifically 6,482,040,000 nano machines[1] that are deployed throughout the body and are centrally connected to the user's brain. It isn't detectable due to the materials used as its composition are rare and only found in deep space rifts and it can't leave the user's body and can only be ejected upon complete death of the user[2].


Operational Energy

• It can operate on any type of energy Solar, Lunar, Ki, Yokai,

Self Healing[]

  • A passive ability that automatically heals any injuries or wounds dealt to the body
  • The time it takes to regenerate depends on the severity of wounds
  • Prevents the body from being poisoned and extracts the poison out of the body
  • Prevents the user from being drunk or being put in an illusion


  • The function to copy text and images written in books.
  • Facial expression to tell if the opponent is telling the truth or not.
  • Martial Arts seen from the users eyes and sends information on "how to use them" to users brain.
  • Translate different languages and symbols from the database stored.

Information Transfer[]

  • The scanned books, as well as Martial observed by the user can be easily understood by transferring the information to the brain
  • Information Transfer is the transferring of information from the books, images and movements observed by the user into the brain after scanning
  • Muscle Transformation Transfer is the ability of nanomachines to reconstruct and develop the body to effectively perform the Martial Arts that was transferred to the users brain.

Emergency Defense Mode[]

  • Protects the user from hidden and surprise attacks

Reconstructs body to better utilise Techniques and Skills[]

  • Adjust eyes to suit the dark (night vision) or extremely bright light.
  • Adjusts vocal cords to copy and imitate accent and voices of others perfectly.
  • Maximises the physical capabilities of the body and transforms the body accordingly to better utilise the techniques
  • Create battle simulations based on pre-recorded data and techniques for user through AR and VR simulations.
  • Analyses the mistakes in the techniques performed and provides the improved method after analysis.
  • Adjusts the audio frequency range of the user in order to eavesdrop upon those using the Sound Transfer technique.
  • Employ the Sound Transfer technique.

Suit (Gatelinium Nano Suit)[]

  • A Black tight-fit suit with no gaps that looks like a full body armour with a demon mask.
  • It is made out of Gatelinium.
  • Gathers oxygen underwater and allowing breathing underwater
  • Passive Control - Auto Battle by controlling the MC's body and performing techniques.
  • Transparency or Invisibility mode
  • Training mode
  • Flight mode



  • Due to overloading of energy during Cheon Yeo Woon against the Dragon Turtle, the nano machines that were damaged underwent self-recovery and self-repair leading to it's upgrade, which leads to some features being unlocked[3].
  • Its original purpose was to record the martial arts and energy usage of the past and transfer them to the receiver.
  • Due to the characteristic of the Nano Machine that treat and improve at the smallest molecular scale, aging may be slowed down as much as possible.