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The Great Guardian of the Demonic Cult and Protector of the Heavenly Demon Order[1]. He is famous in Murim for his unparalleled speed and swift sword techniques that hundreds of masters had died in his hands[2] which earned him the title Dark King.


He looks like a middle-aged man in his 30's and had foreign features. His right eye was blue and the other black but is covered by the mask he wears at all times with long white hair[3].


It was presumed that he is the third strongest in the Demonic Cult after the Lord and the 1st Elder from Wise/Dark Clan, Mu Jinwon, but his actual level is comparable to that of the Five Strongest Warriors in Murim due to being a Supreme Master.

Marakyum was the great guardian and very close to the 22nd Lord, Cheon Inji. He was known to be a guardian for 3 generations, from the 22nd Lord to the 24th Lord Cheon Yeo Woon.


Marakyum is at the back of the Lord during the opening of the Demonic Academy and serve as a spokeperson to silence the crowd for the Lord's speech. After that, he guide the Lord walked off the stage.

On the morning of the third test, he was at the office of Director at the Demonic Academy to inform the latter about the sudden change of the test's mechanics. He then sent another letter that supposedly come from the lord where Lee Hwamyung immediately burned and followed.

Before Lord Cheon Inji's disappearance, Marakyum met the Great High Lord and was tasked to find the true successor of the Sword Family. After waiting for years, he started the task by giving the 1st Elder, 2nd Elder and 10th Elder which are descendants of Sword Demon's apprentices to meet up and offered to teach them the True Demon Sword.

Since Yin Moha refused, he unleashed the first formation of Twenty Four Demon Sword Art and make it as the prize for the task. He then tasked them to perfect the True Demon Sword where the 3 elders managed to do after 3 years of training.

And so Marakyum give them another task which is to fix its weakness since the sword skill is already 500 years old, all in order for them to learn the last skill of Sword Demon, which is the Twenty Four Demon Sword Art. But all managed to succeed in removing the weakness.

This tie breaker led Marakyum to change his methods by giving the three elders 3 years to replicate the first formation of Twenty Four Demon Sword Art and then unleashed the first formation of Sword Force of the Heavenly Demon, then said that he will teach Sword Demon's final sword skill if they are able to counter the formation he just unleashed.