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The veiled woman that used micro poison to kill Cheon Yeo Woon's mother and the 1st wife of the Lord. She is the head of the Wise/Dark Clan and sister to 1st Elder, Mu Jinwon.


She is the strongest among the wives of Cheon Yu-Jong. She was jealous of Cheon Yeo Woon's mother because Cheon Yu-Jong truly loved her more than any of his other wives so she planned to get rid of her using the micro poison while trying to pin the blame on the Poison Clan.


She is very cunning as well as subtle and will do anything to get what she desires, going so far as to slowly kill Lady Hwa instead of giving her easy death just to feel superior than her and keep her jealousy aflame.


Years later, she tried to kill Cheon Yeo Woon many times, even kidnapping his foster father and horribly torturing him. Cheon Yeo Woon retaliates by dismembering her son and nephew before her. Shortly afterwards, he blinds Lady Mu, slashes her tongue and cuts off both hands before killing her by pouring virulent poison on her.