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Cheon Yu-Jong is the Former Lord of Demonic Cult and the Father of Cheon Yeo Woon. He was one of the Top Five Strongest Masters in the entire Murim and succeeded the title 'Southern Demon Lord' after Cheon Inji.






Nano Machine[]


Descent of the Demon God[]

Years after his son Yeo Woon had returned to the timeline, he is seen playing with his five year old Granddaughter Cheon Hye-ryang. After his granddaughter is put to bed for the night, his son shares a drink with him.


  • He was not technically born to the six major clans much like his son the MC. His mother was adopted into the Sword Clan since there was troubles of the clan failing to give birth to offspring.
  • His fellow half brother in the clan was someone he had originally loved and admired since he used to be quite loyal to him before his betrayal.
  • His mother died and a cousin of his on his mother's side started to manipulate him and gave him the Blood God Reversal Technique (upgraded version of the Blood Reversal Technique), basically turning him into a berserker. That cousin continued to manipulate him to the very day Yeo Woon became lord. It was revealed the cousin was just an illusion the Blade God Six Martial Clan used to manipulate him.
  • He set a horrible precedent by slaughtering all of the other competitors for the Lord heirship. Only ones that survived was a half-sister that stayed out of the competition and his half-brother in the same clan who he had an arm amputated.
  • He had only ever loved Lady Hwa, the main character's mother. He tried to stay away from the MC in fear the six clans might kill his son.