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Cheon Muyeon is the son of Lord Cheon Yu-Jong from the Dark Clan and had been deemed the most likely to succeed the throne during the start of Demonic Academy.


Well groomed and always has a serious scowl


  • 1st Demonic Cult Heir candidate of the Wise Clan, the former top clan of the Six Clans in the Demonic Cult.
  • Nephew of the Former head of the Wise Clan, Mu Jinwon.
  • Son of the cunning Lady Mu, the first wife of the Former Demonic Cult Lord Cheon Yu-Jong.


Right Sword Left Hand: Wise Clan Master level secret art that allows the user to quickly use martial arts with both arms rather than just one. (Only known by Cheon Muyeon, the Wise Clan leader Mu Jinwon, and later Cheon Yeo Woon | Appears in chapters: Manhwa: 36 / LN: 42,146,192)


Framed by Cheon Yeon Woon for the deaths of; Sound Clan Hang Yujik, Poison Clan Baek Churku, Sword Clan Kingpo and Blade Clan cadet Bu Yankang (LN: 146).

While being held in prison at the Demonic Cult Academy after being secretly framed, Prince Muyeon's hands were severed from his body and one of his eyes was heartlessly pulled from his eye-socket and delivered to his mother by Cheon Yeon Woon in an attempt to seek revenge on the scheming woman. Muyeon then got his arms and legs dismembered before being decapitated along with his Clan brother Mu Jinyun in front of his mother's eyes.